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Book Features & Book Club Recommendation Policy

Want me to feature your book on the Book Club Cheerleader blog or consider it for recommendation to the 30+ book clubs that I coach?

Here are a few notes:

  • Sources: I accept review copies from publishers, publicists, and authors. Self-published books are fine, also.
  • Formats: I accept ARCs, early finished copies, backlist books. I do not accept e-books or e-galleys at this time.
  • Genres: I focus on adult literary fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, narrative non-fiction, and how-to’s only if they are on the specific topic of book clubs. I do not read action/adventure, chick lit, erotica, fantasy, graphic novels, horror, mystery (exceptions that prove the rule: anything by John Lescroart, Alan Jacobson, or Jacqueline Winspear), paranormal, poetry, sci-fi, self-help, speculative fiction, or travel. I generally do not like anything political or religious/spiritual. I am especially interested in California authors, Southern writers (due to my family roots as well as general reading preference) and the new voices of first time authors.
  • Features: I can’t guarantee that I will a) finish reading a book, b) like the book, or c) write a feature quickly. If I can’t finish reading the book for whatever reason I won’t write about it, but I will try to pass it on to another reader. Book Club Cheerleader is not a critical book blog—it is a positive site that encourages the reading of good books and discussing them with friends. Therefore, I will only recommend or feature a book I enjoyed reading myself and believe that other book clubbers would enjoy reading and discussing in their clubs. My features are not traditional reviews, as I try to keep them closer to how I would tell a fellow book lover about the book. My features are in no way influenced by the source of the book, whether I bought it myself or got it from a publisher, publicist or directly from the author.
  • Exposure: Off my blog, I normally post my features and recommendation (though in many cases abridged versions) to GoodReads and Amazon. I will also post a link to my FaceBook page, where I have over 2300 friends. I write a year-end Best Book Club Books Roundup that features my Top 10 book club picks of the year, which is often picked up by other book blogs, and I periodically write guest blogs for other websites such as and may mention book recommendations in aggregate.
  • Partnership with the Book World: I love hosting author interviews and having authors do guest posts. Please see examples of some past posts in my “Author’s Angle” column.  I’m happy to participate in book tours, but the book must be one that I’m interested in—please refer to “Genres” above. I also find author speakers for 3 non-profit organizations in Northern California for 5 events annually.  Please let me know if you/your author is interested in booking speaking engagements.
  • Disposition: I do not return or sell review copies but will include them as part of giveaways or donate them to non-profits and libraries unless you specifically request I do not.
  • Compensation: I do not receive any compensation for any feature or recommendation that appears on my blog or recommendation I make to my clubs. I am a member of Amazon Associates program, and I do get a small amount of money if you buy a book using my links. So far, I’ve earned enough to buy a bag of Meow Mix for Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid…

 If you have any other questions, please contact me at In the meantime, keep reading and writing!


Marsha Toy Engstrom

The Book Club Cheerleader

(Note: A big THANKS! goes out to Anastasia from Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog, Michelle from GalleySmith and Trish from Hey Lady for the inspiration and information that led to this policy.)

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