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In the Garden of Beasts Meets Titanic—In the Air!

April 22, 2016

Flight of DreamsAriel Lawhon’s debut novel, The Wife, The Maid and The Mistress was a page-turning piece of historical fiction based on the disappearance of Justice Joseph Crater in 1930’s New York. Told from three women in his life (of title fame)—two of which were real, while ‘The Maid’ was the author’s invention to round out the storyline a bit. I loved this first book—in fact, I chose it one of my Top 10 Book Club Books of 2014.

So, I was eagerly awaiting Miss Lawhon’s sophomore effort, until I found out the subject matter… “Really? Why would I want to read about the Hindenburg?” I asked. But I need not have worried…The author came through for us with Flight of Dreams! Again, she conducted meticulous research into the historical setting—down to the accurate list of passengers and crew. Again, the novel is told from multiple viewpoints. And again, she manages to write a thrilling mystery, with tension building until that fatal fiery finale we all know is coming! It’s a tale that historical fiction fans will enjoy immensely. And then, like me, they’ll be waiting impatiently for her next novel…

PWQ.Bond.GirlsFull Disclosure: I was actually a fan of the author before even reading her first book. Ariel was a “Bond Girl” with me at Kathy Murphy’s annual Pulpwood Queen Girlfriend Weekend (PWQ GFWE) a couple of years back. GFWE is a fabulous book club convention with authors and book club members talking about books all day—and partying every night. Exactly MY kind of event! Each year, there is a theme, which groups use as the inspiration for a book to celebrate. That year, the theme was Viva Las Vegas, and one of our clever group members, Author Karen Harrington (of Sure Signs of Crazy fame) selected the James Bond novel, Diamonds are Forever, by Ian Fleming, which is, set in Vegas. Our whole group jumped on the idea and we decorated our table with twinkling lights, a Ken doll dressed as 007, and  ”diamonds” dripping from every surface. We also had a life-sized standee of Sean Connery—since he was the best 007 ever—which everyone used as a photo prop throughout the evening. We had a tremendous time, and as you can see, Ariel made a marvelous Bond Girl! Yep—she’s blessed with beauty AND brains…




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