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Fun Friday: Books into Movies

November 18, 2011

Hollywood shone this year with many of our favorite book club books adapted for the Silver Screen. The Help had to be my hands down favorite, while Water for Elephants was right up there. As much as I LOVE Lisa See, critics told me that the screenwriters mucked up her beautiful original story, by adding a current storyline.  Message to Hollywood: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! So, it looks like I’ll be Netflixing Snow Flower and The Secret Fan…Also, the distribution for Sarah’s Key was so limited, that I could not find a showing within 200 miles, so it’s in my Netflix queue as well…

My buddy, Erin Collaza Miller, over at about, showcases some of the top books made into movies in 2011, while also giving us a preview of upcoming 2012 selections we can look forward to. Three Cheers for Hollywood—and Erin!

So what was your favorite 2011 adaptation, and which 2012 movie based on the book are you most eager to see?



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