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Wordless Wednesday: Coffee Table Art

November 16, 2011

I live in a farming community. One of the great perks is not just being able to pick up the freshest corn, strawberries or peaches—or even the view of the grain silo out my office window—but it’s the view I get from the airplane window just before landing as I fly home after each trip. The farm plots spread out as far as the eye can see—a patchwork quilt of reds, greens and yellows—with a tiny cerulean river winding through it.

Katharine Harmon takes off on this “welcome home” view of mine, with her book, The Map as Art. Francine Prose at describes it as, “a collection of visionary topographies and imaginary geographies charted by [global] artists.”  But it doesn’t stop there—Ms. Prose (great name for a writer, huh?) has selected a full dozen coffee table books that will have the artistic personalities on your holiday shopping list drooling. Feast your eyes, while completing some necessary shopping. That’s what I call a “win-win”! Or you could pull the trick that my husband has tried—like when he bought me a new putter (I don’t golf), a new shotgun (I don’t hunt), and a new shop vac (um…I do “shop”, but I don’t “vac”…) Either way, Enjoy!



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