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Silly Saturday: or October Month-end Madness

November 5, 2011

We at the Book Club Cheerleader blog, believe in giving people what they want. In order to do that, at month-end I analyze the site statistics and search engine key words. Some are educational—giving me some insight into what Book Club Cheerleader readers really want. Others are pretty darn funny, and I can just imagine how surprised they must be when they click onto my site based on their search terms. Here is my Top 10 Silly Search Terms for October. (Like Halloween, a few of these are kinda scary…) In alpha order…

10) “bandwagon in to kill a mockingbird” – Do you think they were looking for a Hoover Cart? The economy must be even worse than we thought! Speaking of To Kill a Mockingbird and Hoover Carts, if your book club is celebrating this great classic, you might want to play our To Kill a Mockingbird Game. Sam Hill, Jitney Jungle, and Hoover Carts, included.

9) “best drinks for book discussion” and its popular derivative, “best wine at book club”- The answer is “Yes!” and “Yes!” If we must get more specific,”it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a book club in possession of a good thirst must be in want of Rombauer chardonnay.”

8)  “blog+de+clubes+de+cheerleader” – Not sure what language this is—I knew I shouldn’t have slept through my 6 years of Spanish classes. Perhaps then I might be able to at least identify if this is French or Spanish. Unfortunately, all I remember is “El libro es rojo”—and none of these words seem to be in the search terms…Hopefully, whoever landed on BCC.wordpress could read English and found something they liked!

7) “caroline kennedy october 20111” – If the reader doesn’t wish to wait another 190,000 years or so, she could read about my royal sighting of the Camelot heir at Author Encounters: Caroline Kennedy. I’m happy to save her some time…

6) “i hate Saturdays” – Are they on drugs?.. .And how did they land on the BCC blog? We NEVER use the “H” word!

5) “jeanine cummins email”; “jeanine cummins husband” and ”jeanine cummins  soda bread” – I’m not sure if Jeanine (author of the totally fabulous book, The Outside Boy) knows she has a few stalkers. That’s probably not unusual—I’m sure many up-and-coming authors do. But these folks are wanting not only her email (when they could just ‘friend’ her on FaceBook) but they’re also looking for her husband! Oh, yeah, and her soda bread recipe, too! I’m not sure which of those three she guards most closely! Hopefully, Jeanine Cummins fans enjoyed Jeanine’s BCC guest post, The Jeanine Cummins Non-Touristy CyberTour of Amazing Irish Places You Won’t Find in Your Guidebook and can read more about her at But, I’d suggest leaving her husband alone. She may be small—but she’s feisty!

4) “mammy’s point of view in gwtw….what is the name of the book” – I love that someone was looking for Robin Oliveira’s  My Name is Mary Sutter using those search terms! For those of you who have yet to read this wonderful historical fiction book—and still need a bit of arm twisting—you might want to check out my review at Mary Sutter’s Civil War.

3) “my hot book club” – Well, so glad they landed here! We think most book clubs are hot here at Book Club Cheerleader! Here’s a post from our archive about one of our public book clubs, Celebrating Books!, that we think is pretty hot!

2) “round tuit” – I’m so glad that folks in need of a round tuit, were able to find one on the BCC blog! If you’ve ever thought, “I’ll do _______ (insert something important to you) when I get around to it,” you, too, can find one at Book Clubs Are A Great Excuse. Always glad to help…

1) “silly pictures” – Well, they came to the right place for Silly Saturday, did they not? But it caused me to be curious as to what is the #1 picture on the #1 page when one Googles “Silly Pictures.” For your Silly Saturday pleasure, we posted the winner as this post’s featured image, below (which I found on

Have a wonderful (if not “Silly” Saturday) and enjoy your weekend. Hopefully, with a fabulous book!

Cheers! BCC

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  1. November 5, 2011 10:28 am

    What a funny bunch of search words! I never thought of going through the search words on my site to find funny ones. Good idea!

    Your picture from is missing. I went to their site and figured it must be the bitchy cat one. Am I right?

    • November 7, 2011 9:02 pm

      Sandra: I think the pictures are constantly changing on, but their photo it is my featured image on my post (yes, the crazy cat) and I just wanted to credit the source. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers! BCC

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