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Fun Friday: My Life in France Icebreaker

September 30, 2011

One of my public book clubs, Celebrating Books!, recently discussed Julia Child’s memoir, My Life in France—and we had a ball! Of course, we ate those yummy little butter cakes, Madeleines—you can’t celebrate Julia without LOTS of butter! And for the chocolate lovers in the crowd, we added some Pirouette cookies—filled with fudge. (Oh well, more treadmilling in my future…) We decorated the room in Pink, Black and White—with lots of brocade and polka-dots—and all things French. There were even a couple of pink fuzzy French poodles lurking in the corners (probably waiting to sneak a Madeleine…)

As the group entered, each was pinned with a “E’cole des Trois Gourmandes” badge (just like Julia, Simca, and Luisette wore in their little cooking school.) We then kicked off the meeting with a fun game about ‘People, Places and Things’ from Julia’s book, which I refer to as “Julia Bingo.” Your book club can play this fun game, too, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post and printing the pdf. (I copied it onto Pink paper, of course.) If you need the answer key, you can email me at mtoyengstrom(at)hotmail(dot)com and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

Directions: Ask members to complete at least five boxes working alone. (I usually allow about 3-5 minutes.) Then call time and ask them to circulate among their fellow members,  giving one answer (only) and getting one answer (only), before moving on to the next person. The game is over when someone fills their sheet or you call time. (I typically allow 5-10 minutes depending on how many folks are in the book club.) After reviewing the answers, a “Fabulous Prize” is awarded to the member who correctly completes the sheet first, or more likely, whoever gets the most boxes right.

Have fun—and as Julia would say in her funny little voice, Bon Appétit!



P.S. Here’s the link for downloading Julia Bingo: MLIF Bingo Game

P.S.S. And as a bonus on this Fun Friday, please enjoy this Dan Akroyd SNL skit in which Dan plays Julia—reportedly, she  enjoyed it immensely. I trust you will too…

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