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What’s Your Book Club Sign?

January 19, 2011

When I went to Chico as an undergrad, guys would hit on us at The Grad, The O, or Madison Bear Gardens (the three top bars at a time when Playboy Magazine ranked us the #1 party school in the nation) by asking, “Hey, what’s your sign?” This week, Dana Barrett over at blog raises the same question about your book club—but I’m pretty sure the motivation for her conversation is a bit different from those long-haired guys at Chico many moons ago.

I belong to several clubs, but to just take a few… My neighborhood book club could be described as “clever, humanitarian, and original”—making them a shoe-in for Aquarius. (Which is convenient since I always liked that 5th Dimension song…) While my library book club is “analytical and observant”—so they must be Virgo. And the local independent book store reading group is, well, “independent” and also “enthusiastic” which would make them an Aries. But I’m pretty sure none of my clubs are “Ophiuchus”! (Mainly because I can’t pronounce it…)

Check out Dana’s blog and I’d be interested in hearing your club’s answer!



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